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Clean Energy Prospector is ​a Bristol based community microgrid developer

We are a mission driven company seeking to develop solutions that support maximal deployments of solar panels and heat pumps. Microgrids are an emerging technology that increases the 'match' between local solar and local demand supporting the deployment of renewable technology and protecting consumers from cost increases in national energy markets.

ICAX™ designed, built and operate the CHOICES Energy Centre

ICAX is a cleantech company helping to meet the demand for on-site renewable energy and sustainable development by using ground source energy to achieve low carbon buildings. ICAX provides a turnkey package for meeting sustainable energy targets on construction projects. ICAX provides a complete range of services from initial feasibility through thermal modelling, design and delivery, to in use maintenance. ICAX achieves this with Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ – a complementary integration of well tried technologies and patented innovation.

Bath University - The Centre for Sustainable Power Distribution

The University of Bath is a top 10 UK university and regularly places top 3 in the UK for engineering,
with internationally renowned research. Dr Le Blond is a researcher in Energy and Power Systems, with numerous publications in energy management and experience on Smart Grid projects such as EPSRC ‘FlexNet’ and the 'Excellent'-rated EU FP7 project '3eHouses',

Eunomia is a leading national environmental consultancy based in Bristol

A full Life Cycle Analysis has been conducted by Eunomia in Phase 1 to quantify the cost and benefits of the CHOICES implementation at Owen Square. The CHOICES Energy Centre is expected to achieve energy savings of up to 64% and annual carbon savings of 38%, increasing to 51% carbon savings against gas by year 10 and 66% by year 20.

MiniBEMS ​is a holistic control and monitoring platform for heat networks

Minibems can deliver significant energy and carbon reductions in a complex heat network environment. Minibems is a building energy management system that monitors and controls your heat network to reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase ease of management – perfect for those responsible for managing buildings and networks with high heat loads.

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