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Our Mission


To supply low-carbon heat and power to homes and businesses in Easton, to promote and enable the take-up of low-carbon energy, and to support customers of the company to increase the efficiency of their energy consumption.

Owen Square Community Energy cooperative is a member-based local energy supply company jointly operated by Easton Community Centre, local energy group Easton Energy Group and Bristol-based microgrid developer CEPRO. 

We have brought together the brightest minds in renewable energy to develop the UK's most complete demonstration of the coming Energy Transition from fossil fuels to renewables. 

Our Tariffs


The VALUE tariff (available 2022):

  • is available to all customers on the Owen Square substation (358 homes)

  • comes with solar panels and an air source heat pump

  • shares all solar energy among all homes using a 'virtual' microgrid

The CHOICES tariff (available 2023):

  • is available to customers on Battersea Road (south side)

  • comes with solar panels and a connection to the CHOICES heat network

  • shares all solar energy among all homes using a new physical electricity network



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